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Comprehensive Childbirth Classes

Welcome! I'm The Annapolis Doula and I offer private and group Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes for couples who want more. More education. More fun. More relaxation and labor practice. More information on nonmedicated birth. More information on interventions, including medicated and cesarean births. They want to be able to make informed decisons as their birth unfolds.


The Annapolis Doula

Hi, I’m Kellie. I'm a certified Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator I love teaching mothers and their partners about birth!  My studies and work in health and wellness along with my experience as a birth doula have led me to childbirth education. I took a comprehensive childbirth class during my pregnancy and had an amazing experience giving birth to my son. To this day I am still grateful that I took that longer class instead of just reading the books (almost 12 years ago)!

Giving women the tools and confidence to have their own empowering birth experiences is what I’m most passionate about. I also enjoy practicing mindful living and raising my son in Annapolis where I’ve lived for the better part of two decades. 


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Annapolis, MD