• Kellie Minnick

Birth Plans. Why bother?

I've been seeing a lot of posts and comments on the mommy groups and pregnancy pages recently asking what women think about birth plans and weather or not they are a necessity. I've heard this conversation between my own friends and family over the years as well. I have to say that it breaks my momma lovin heart to hear women say the only plan they have is to get the baby out (whatever means necessary).

There seems to be Big Ol misconception about what a" birth plan" actually is. A birth plan isn't a map for controlling how your labor and birth will turn out. You see, despite what you may have seen or heard regarding birth, you have choices. You have choices regarding your pregnancy, your body, your baby and how, who, where and when you give birth. To be completely honest, most of these choices aren't obvious if no on has explained them to you ahead of time BUT they absolutely can impact your birth experience as well as your physical, mental and emotional health.

A birth plan is really about learning what all of your options are, discussing them with your partner, deciding what is important to you and then bringing that discussion to your care provider. Even in the case of a true emergency there are so many choices you can make ahead of time to make the most of a stressful or scary situation. Because let's face it - it's still your birth and it's still a special event.

There is a big difference between making informed decisions and attempting to control the trajectory of labor and birth. There is no such thing as "failing" at a birth plan. In the end - yes - your baby will come out but with a some thoughtful discussion and a little planning you can have an amazing and powerful experience no matter what labor throws at you.

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